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Summer 2024


During Science Week, we welcomed our parents into our classroom. The theme of our session was ‘Climate Change’. We learned that ‘Climate change’ is a term used by experts when describing the way that both weather and climate systems are changing as a result of mankind’s industrial activity across the world. We also discussed why is the world’s climate changing and how do greenhouse gases change the climate.

In one of our experiments we investigated the greenhouse effect in a jar. We learned that gases such as carbon dioxide have a similar effect on the Earth’s temperature as the glass jar had on the thermometer. This is why the global warming caused by the emissions of gases such as carbon dioxide is called the ‘greenhouse effect’. The greenhouse effect is important for us as it has made the Earth warm enough to support life. In the second experiment we looked at the reaction between baking soda and vinegar producing carbon dioxide gas. In this experiment, two chemicals worked together to create carbon dioxide gas. Once the baking soda and vinegar mix, carbon dioxide gas started to fill the bag until it ran out of room.


In RE, we learned that Christians believe that the Spirit of God is active in each person and, in a special way, in the community of believers, which is the Church.  It is the work of the Spirit to enable people to hear God’s message and to live Jesus’ way of service. We also discussed the events of the Pentecost and focused on how the power of the Holy Spirit was seen and changed lives.  The power of the Holy Spirit is for everyone.  All Christians are called to share the mission to spread the Gospel message. We learned about Peter’s message explaining to the people in Jerusalem that the gift of the Holy Spirit is for everyone. We were presented with a dilemma about whether to become a disciple or not.  We used the Conscience Alley with some pupils standing on one side of the alley acting as disciples and some on the other acting as non-believers.  As a pupil walked down the alley they gave responses in role to the dilemma of conversion. 

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