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Spring Term

In Literacy we have been reading “Letters from the Lighthouse” which follows the story or two evacuees as they leave London for the seaside.  Much of our writing has used this book as inspiration.   This links to our History topic where we have learnt about what life would have been like during this time.  We have designed our own propaganda posters and learnt about rationing during the war.  We also learnt about key figures during this time of Anne Frank and Alan Turing.

In maths we have been learning about measurement and shape.  For our maths day parents came in to join us in lots of fun maths activities.  Our practical maths has involved exploring the nets of 3D shape and going on an angle hunt around the playground.

Our RE focus has been about books of the Bible and we have been finding more about the different types of texts that can be found in the Bible.  We also learnt about the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and created our own information powerpoints.

In Science our learning has been about light.  We have learnt about the different sources of light and how we see.  We have carried out different experiments related to light.

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