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After School Club

Our After School Club has a calm atmosphere with a relaxed feel to the session and is a place of secure safe fun for children aged between 4 - 11 years.

After school club runs throughout term time, 3.10pm till 5.30pm, for a minimal fee of £7 per child per session (additional brothers/sisters charged at £6 per child).

Upon entry there is some child/Assistant interaction where children are asked about their day and we can inform them of any news they are required to know.

Once the children are settled and calm, a light snack and a drink is offered, these are finished before allowing them to participate in the rota of games or activities planned for the session.

Activities are varied - arts and crafts, cooking and role play with board games, toys and dressing up for both boys and girls.

Every term the children design a display on a seasonal theme for display on the Parish Hall wall.  The children are invited to input any ideas for this topic, then to put their ideas into practise.

The premises are secure at all times.  All visitors must report to the After School Club Co-Ordinator upon arrival.

No children are allowed off the premises unless given prior permission by their Parent/Guardian.  Every effort is made to ensure that if a parent is late to pick a child from club, the child will be with a member of staff until the Parent/Guardian arrive.

We believe a "Happy Club" is a happy child.


Holy Cross CatholicPrimary Academy

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Essex, CM18 6JJ

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