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Chaplaincy Group

At Holy Cross we have Key Stage Two Chaplains who lead pupils in prayer and liturgy and share the messages of scripture with our school community. 

We also have our younger Key Stage One pupils who are Junior Chaplains and are beginning to understand how they can share prayer and the messages of scripture with their friends and family. 

Both groups meet for 30 minutes at lunchtime every week to read from the bible and say and write their own prayers. They let other children know what they have been doing in their classes and in assemblies. 



In the month of October, Mary's month, our chaplains prayed to Mary for her love and protection.

The Chaplains prayed to her, that she would bless all the pupils in our school and our whole parish of Holy Cross. 



The Chaplains have been praying hard for Peace in our world, especially in The Ukraine, Israel and Gaza. They have been leading us in prayer for children and their families who have been caught up in the conflict and who have lost everything. 

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