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English as an Additional Language

Nearly half of the pupils at Holy Cross Academy have English as an additional language (EAL). As an Academy we pride ourselves on the outstanding progress the children with EAL make during their time with us.

The needs of pupils with EAL can and do vary greatly, from new pupils arriving mid term with little or no English language skills to those who are becoming more fluent in spoken English. When a child joins us, regardless of which stage their English language is at, they are given support to ensure they can access the curriculum. With EAL, regular interactions are key. The development of language - especially at the early stages needs to be done on a regular basis: Focused, regular and often. The growth of a child's confidence will have a positive impact on their speaking and listening. It also adds to the rich cultural feel of the Academy.

Children with EAL are encouraged to continue learning their native language, which will help deepen their experience of both learning and using a new language.

Here at Holy Cross, each child with EAL follows key targets in their learning. These take, on average, two years (for a child with little or no English) to work through. After which time the children would have progressed well in their learning and will be aspiring to work at the same level as their peers.

Included in our Ofsted report in 2012, it says...

"Pupils who arrive at the Academy with little or no English quickly settle and learn English successfully as a result of the bespoke support given to them and their teachers. One pupil, who speaks English as an additional language, commented warmly about how the academy welcomed him and supported him in developing his English so he could access the curriculum effectively. Pupils who speak English as an additional language are making similar progress to other pupils in their classes."

If you would like any further information on English as an additional language, you can contact me on

Claire Laporte

EAL Coordinator


Holy Cross CatholicPrimary Academy

Tracyes Road, Harlow,

Essex, CM18 6JJ

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