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How we teach History 

We are passionate about History at Holy Cross Catholic Primary Academy.  Studying History gives children the opportunity to develop an understanding of why the world and its people are the way they are today. Study of history will always prompt children to question as they explore the diversity of human experience, past lives and societies.

How history is currently taught across the school?

In each year, children will undertake a deep study of two history topics. Most of our History learning is through a Mantle of the Expert approach which encourages drama and sets the learning in a challenge. We find this inspires and captivates the children and deepens their understanding.  It also develops the children’s ability to be independent learners, using the key historical skills they have gained to analyse, question and compare sources of evidence to form their own judgements about the past.

In order to extend the children’s learning, teachers frequently make purposeful links with other subjects. Children undertake drama and dance as a way of learning about the past. They also use ICT to enhance their learning.  In addition, each History topic is carefully planned to allow opportunities for extended writing too.

History Trips

We are extremely lucky as our staff are constantly looking for new experiences that will enrich the learning of their pupils. Pupils enjoy trips to the Seaside, Bethnal Green Toy Museum, Kentwell, Colchester Castle, Braintree Victorian Museum and themed days in school such as a Roman day and a Greek day.


Kids Zone!

Here are some fantastic websites you can visit to help you learn about the past...

If you find a website you think others would like, please tell your class teacher so we can add it to the site.

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