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Pupils are encouraged to become confident, enthusiastic, critical and independent readers.  They learn to be able to cope with print produced in a variety of forms and for a variety of purposes, and read for information, interest and enjoyment.

During our regular guided reading sessions, pupils learn a range of strategies which will help them to read with meaning, fluency, accuracy and expression.

They are encouraged to read from a wide range of genres, and to analyse texts to identify features and language choices. Guided reading also offers scope for independent reading, drama and a wealth of reading activities geared to develop comprehension skills.

All children have the opportunity to use our learners library, where books are organised according to their level of difficulty; our school library, which has a good range of fiction and non fiction texts, including famous authors, and the local library, Tye Green, which offers a much wider selection of children’s literature.

Holy Cross CatholicPrimary Academy

Tracyes Road, Harlow,

Essex, CM18 6JJ

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