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Who Are We?

There are many adults who contribute to the effective running of the school and we work hard to ensure the successful education and development of all children within our care.


 Miss Nicola Kelly (Ladybirds)

Mrs Katy Peters (Butterflies)

Miss Abbie Cargill (Dragonflies)

Mrs Cristina Danacica and
Mrs Mary-Beth Draycott-Guise (Grasshoppers)

Mrs Ros Hunt and Mrs Nicola Timbrell (Hedgehogs)

Mrs Carolyn Smith (Squirrels)

Miss Frances Reeves (Foxes)

Miss Ellie Seers (Badgers)

Mr Paul Clarke (Hares)

Miss Victoria Hollick (Rabbits)

Mrs Toni Guna (Robins)

Miss Stacy Clark (Kingfishers)

Mrs Sue Ennifer (Owls)

 Mrs Kirsty Noonan (Eagles)


EYFS Phase Leader

Mrs Katy Peters (SLT)


Early Reading Lead

Miss Nicola Kelly


Key Stage 1 Phase Leaders

Mrs Katy Peters (SLT)


Key Stage 2 Phase Leaders

Miss Stacy Clark (SLT)

Mrs Kirsty Noonan (SLT)


EAL Lead Teacher

Mrs Mary-Beth Draycott-Guise










Mrs Alison Kerrell (SLT)

Deputy Headteacher 

Miss Sarad Dodd (SLT)

RE Lead Teacher

Mrs Sue Ennifer (SLT)

Lead Practitioners

Miss Stacy Clark (SLT)

Mrs Kirsty Noonan (SLT)


Business Manager

Mrs Kerry Clark (SLT)


PA to Headteacher

Mrs Karen Slater (SLT)


SEND Manager 

Miss Jenni Wheater (SLT)


SEMH Co-ordinator

Mrs Kerry Gallagher (SLT)


Administration Assistant

Mrs Huong Lieu

Mrs Danielle Thomas


Site Manager

Mr Matt Kelly


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Alison Kerrell


Deputy Designated

Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Stacy Clark

Mrs Kirsty Noonan

Mrs Katy Peters

Miss Jenni Wheater

Mrs Kerry Gallagher

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Jan Watts

Mrs Tracy Newell

Mrs Kathy Bennett

Ms Claire Byrne

Mrs Jade Sontag

Mrs Poppy Feast

Miss Lyanne Murray

Mrs Sarah Ferjani

Miss Kelsey Wiseman

Mrs Celine Wolff

Mrs Julie Collins

Mrs Lian Reeve

Miss Joanna Gorbaczewska

Mrs Tracey Mills

Mrs Kathryn Watkins

Mrs Steph Tarling

Miss Megan Williams

Mrs Alison Cunning


Mrs Andrea Odu

Ms Claire Byrne

Mrs Emma Andrews

Mrs Laura Fullick

Mrs Barbara Haley

Mrs Kathy Bennett

Mrs Daniela Vetori

Miss Claire Faulkner

Mrs Julie Nunn

Mrs Angela Knowles

Mrs Klaudia Ostrowska

Mrs Steph Tarling

Miss Megan Williams

Miss Melanie O'Donoghue

Miss Lauren Sullivan

Miss Kelli Lundy

Miss Zoe Jackson

Mrs Joanne Wallace

Mrs Katy Hollingworth



Breakfast Club 

Mrs Tracey Newell

Miss Diana Richardson

Mrs Angela Knowles



After School Club

Miss Diana Richardson 

Mrs Sinead Lavender

Mrs Mai Nguyen

Miss Shannon Oliver-Fitch

Miss Lauren Oliver-Fitch

Miss Sophie Benson



Senior Mid Day Assistant

Miss Diana Richardson

Mid Day Assistants:

Mrs Sinead Lavender

Mrs Mai Nguyen

Mrs Denise Smith

Miss Rebecca Gumble

Miss Shannon Oliver-Fitch

Miss Carly Flint 

Miss Sophie Benson

Miss Kelly Meighan

Miss Kay Stevens

Miss Lauren Oliver-Fitch

Mrs Kate Cater

Mrs Patricia Harknett

Mrs Louise Reynolds

Mr John Worsford

Kitchen Staff:

Mrs Denise Alger

Mrs Claire Forrest

Mrs Beata Kraczaj

Mrs Kate Cater




Holy Cross CatholicPrimary Academy

Tracyes Road, Harlow,

Essex, CM18 6JJ

01279 424452